Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: 2 Months Out

We are just over 2 months out from the big day, and everyone keeps asking me if it's going by quickly. Yes, the answer is yes. Invitations are out, replies are coming in, and we are working on the details now. My bachelorette party is this weekend, and my sisters (matron and maid of honor) are being mean and not telling me anything about it. Hi, my name is Alyssa and I have a Type A personality. #ineedcontrol

Anyway, over the weekend we spent a gorgeous day in the city. Per usual, I'm buying an unnecessary amount of items in preparation for a few days away, but I am now totally ready for a fiesta. Hope you are having a fab week!

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  1. Have a blast at your Bachelorette Party! I hope your sisters are able to keep their plan secret. You can let go of the control thing for 2 days!!! I'll be thinking of you! Love you much, Auntie xoxo


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