Saturday, July 12, 2014


Okay, don't hate me for doing this (again), but I've decided to reign it in and get more focused with my blog. When I switched ruffle and curl over to Glitter Trim, not much changed - and that wasn't my intent. So I'm moving again, and I hope you'll come with me! Because I don't want all of my content to disappear forever, will remain my archive.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Recent Reads

During the summertime, I have a lot more time to read than during the rest of the year (hooray for summer breaks!). Here are 6 of my favorite summertime reads from the past year.

1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
While the book started out slow-moving, pretty soon I could not put it down. I kept this one by my bedside but wish I had read it in longer stretches of time.
Read it: At the beach or poolside

2. Three Sisters by Susan Mallery
Any book where a hunky carpenter shows up = fantastic beach read. 
Read it: On the beach or in an all-ladies book group (and then follow it up with another Susan Mallery title)

3. All Souls by Michael Patrick MacDonald
If you're from the Boston area (or know someone who is), you'll find this read from an old-school Southie boy interesting. 
Read it: On the subway into work

4. Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo
Whether or not you believe in a heaven, this story of a young boy is an interesting (and quick) read. 
Read it: Wherever - It's easy to put down and pick back up

5. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
If you're looking for one good book to read over a week or so, this is it. There's too much going on in the book to constantly pick it up and put it down, like on your commute into the office, but it will keep your attention for long spans of time (like your beach vacation).
Read it: On a week-long vacation, from the plane to the beach

6. The Fault in our Stars by John Green
I didn't find this book to be as devastating as some told me it was, but instead found it to be comforting in an odd way. It's worth reading if only to be in-the-know of what everyone else is talking about.
Read it: Before bed - It's a warm-and-fuzzy story in a not-traditional warm-and-fuzzy way


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: 10 things to never say to a bride

It's July 9, which means that the summer is half over (don't hate me for saying it) and we're about 7 weeks out from the wedding. Cue freak out.

According to The Knot's handy wedding timeline checklist, last month we should have purchased wedding bands, finalized honeymoon plans, sent shower thank yous, and I should have bought all of my dress underthings. Here's a clue into real life, friends:  None of these are done. (Not that I'm procrastinating, but I've found that a lot of these checklists are aggressive with their timelines.) I'd also like to point out that my shower is in a couple of weeks, so it is impossible that my thank yous would have gone out last month. (Take that, The Knot.)

In the spirit of wedding things that should be done, here are 10 things you should never say to a bride:

10 things you should never say to a bride

1. "I don't know why anyone would get married in a [church/synagogue/garden/backyard]."
Spoiler: The bride you're talking to is probably planning a wedding at the place you have mentioned, because that is how life works. And she doesn't care that you don't know why anyone would plan a wedding there, because she is.

2. "I can't see how you can plan a wedding for less than $X."
Regardless of what you spent on your own wedding (or think should be spent on a wedding), she doesn't want to hear it. The Budget (capital B) can be a very sensitive topic, so don't go there.

3. "Can I bring my [sort of friend who you've never met] since my fiance and I broke up?"
No. If the named person can't make it, you're probably going to have to fly solo. Smile, put on a fabulous dress, and have a great time.

4. "No one will notice if [something goes wrong/a vendor doesn't show up/the centerpieces aren't right]."
Maybe no one will notice, but she will. You can't expect someone to plan a party for a year and then not notice when she specified gold chairs and arrives at her reception to find blue.

5. "Is your ceremony kid-friendly?"
Again, envelope. Read it. No kids' names? Then there is your answer.

6. "Is your reception open bar? Because otherwise I'm not sure I can stay long."
Really? It is, but now that you said that, I'm revoking your invitation.

7. "I know I said I'd be there and it's the day before your wedding, but I can't make it, sorry!"
You got a save the date 6 months ago, said you would be here over a month ago, and now you suddenly have other plans? Unless you have a legitimate reason (family emergency, your leg snapped in half, or something of the sort), you can't blame the bride if she doesn't talk to you after you pull this stunt.

8. "I'm bringing a plus one. Your parents said it was okay."
True Life: You're a rude guest.

9. "Did you buy your dress yet?" (Yes) "Can I see it?"
Unless you are living under a rock and are not part of any sort of social media, you will see a photo of the bride in her dress at some point. So give her the courtesy of letting her keep this one to herself. If she wants to show you, she will.

10. [crickets]
Hi, we sent you an invitation. Write your name (or don't, we numbered the reply cards anyway), check a box, and put it in the envelope I've already stamped for you. Do your bride (and her groom) the courtesy of replying when you have been invited to arguably the biggest party they will ever plan.

Brides, what have you heard that you wish you hadn't?

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well, this weekend was a doozy. It started out with Hurricane Arthur, which arrived just in time for the Boston fireworks. We were watching them from a nearby town, and the drive home was intense - trees down everywhere and rain so hard we couldn't see while driving. Friday was a rainy day, so we spent the day being productive around the house and also purchased a new grill (yay!).

Saturday we had a big bbq. We thought our biggest worry of the day would be that the grill had been assembled incorrectly, but boy, were we wrong. A car flipped over on the road in front of our house, in the process rendering our friends' SUV no longer drivable. I was really impressed with how quickly our friends responded in the emergency situation, but it was scary. (Everyone walked away with just scrapes, miraculously.)

The rest of the weekend was spent poolside, which is how all summer weekends should be.

Brownie stars with marshmallow and strawberry skewers - a big hit!

Sprout's summertime essentials: Brides magazine, treats, and Diet Pepsi


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weekend Roundup: Links

It's hot and humid in Boston today, but that's not putting a damper on the excitement of celebrating this country that I love. Here's a roundup of some of my favorite things around the web today:
There are some pretty great sales going on right now, too. Check these out - they're worth it!

  • Extra 25% off at Piperlime for the next hour (until 3pm EDT)
  • $10 off a $30 purchase at BaubleBar (until 7/6) with code JULY4
  • J.Crew has 30% off with code JULY

Happy Fourth of July!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fourth & BBQs

I'm thrilled to have a short work week with the promise of a weekend full of barbeques, pool time, and relaxing. If anything exciting pops up, it'll surely be on my Instagram - so follow along!

However... if I was planning to wear anything other than a swimsuit this weekend, it would look a little something like this for day and night.

July 4th day & night

Shop the looks:

Hope you all have a great long weekend! What are your plans for the Fourth?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

3 Years with Sprout

Three years ago today we headed to Boston's Logan Airport to bring home our new family member. A timid little guy at first, Sprout quickly settled in and fell asleep in my arms on the ride home. I can't believe today is our three year adoption anniversary! Mr. Sprout, you will never know how much joy you bring to our lives. Happy 3 years, little guy!


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